Suds: March 18

So here we are, the day in between St. Patrick’s Day (I hope yours was grand and infamous), and St. Joseph’s Day. St. Joseph’s Day isn’t really that big of a deal, unless you’re Italian, which is understandable because there’s no real drinking ritual associated with it.

For today’s Suds I’ll make two requests: put on the Walkmen and open a couple Schlitz tall boys. It’s that kind of weekend; one where the stupid mistakes will continue, and there’s no point in slowing down unless you learn from them.

The Walkmen occupy a territory somewhere in between The Strokes and LCD Soundsystem (because of their content, not necessarily their sound). What they lack in pure talent, they make up for in wisdom and an overall forgivable attitude. Both Bows & Arrows and You & Me strike the same chords of listless confusion, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The band matures, and we get to enjoy the ride one mistake at a time.

-Not too many links today, so consider today’s Suds a PSA from us to GO OUTSIDE BECAUSE IT’S REALLY NICE OUT. This message brought to you by the Commission of All Things Wholesome and Awesome.

-I don’t know why Beer Here is reviewing a porter at this time of the year, but they are: Red Eye Brewing Rye Porter.

-Congrats to Milwaukee Brewing Company, they saw sales shoot up 61 percent last year!

Three Floyds is really turning up the volume. Also, as a general rule, collaborating with comic book artists leads to all sorts of win.

-Dark Lord Day is big enough to get a story in the Chicago Tribune. I guess when they aren’t sending Onion videos to their employees, they actually run a newspaper (still, debatable).

-MN drinkers, you don’t have much time, but get to Harriet Brewing by 1 today. It’ll be worth it, who doesn’t need another round of St. Patty’s Day?

-I’m always a little weirded out when brewers seek out new markets so far from home. Alaskan Brewing is now distributing to MN in an effort to, I don’t know, bolster tourism?

-Finally, Brian and I filled out brackets and we were going to do something with brackets and beer, but in the meantime here are some other people’s versions. Oh, and they all feature Founder’s Brewing Company somewhere in them.

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