The Art of Beer Cooking: Beer Pizza

One of my favorite foods, hands down, has got to be pizza. It’s a simple concept, really: bread, tomatoes, cheese and whatever your heart desires!

Pizza might seem simple on the surface, but the rivalry between Chicago and New York for the coveted title of “Best Pizza” proves different. I mean, can you really even compare though? They are so different.

Whether you are on team Chicago or New York you are sure to love this pizza recipe because, you guessed it, there is beer involved – and beer can solve all disagreements. In this recipe, the beer is added to the pizza sauce for a subtle hint of hop flavor. The acidity of the tomatoes works well with a full body lager such as Cross Plains Special Pilsner or anything from Metropolitan Brewing Company.

Now, what really makes a pizza great? The crust! A few weeks ago your very own MwBC posted a recipe for beer pizza dough. Combine that with this recipe and I think you will have a very enjoyable meal.

Personally, my favorite pizza is a traditional Napoletana margarita pizza – preferably in Naples with a cappuccino in hand. I suppose it’s not too realistic to fly to Naples every time I get a craving for this delicious masterpiece. Fortunately for me, there is the next best thing right in Madison—Café Porta Alba. Try it and love it. You will realize what I am talking about as the first bite hits your mouth. They even have the official seal of approval straight from Italy. This is the real deal.

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