Thinking Outside the Bocks: Mahi-Mahi

Welcome to another addition of Thinking Outside the Bocks. Things are heating up in the NCAA tournament and on the thermometer so I think a more spring/summer inspired dish will be a good fit this weekend. I hope this weekend’s selection of Mahi-Mahi and Goose Island Green Line doesn’t upset you. OK, enough bad puns, let’s eat.

So first things first, Mahi-Mahi is a very meaty fish. Though mild, it is known as “poor man’s lobster” in many circles (cod and monkfish as well), and definitely eats this way. I recommend broiling it with a lot of lemon, butter, cilantro, and any array of seasonings. Cajun is one route I tend to choose because the fish is so mild it’s nice to introduce some strong tastes in the mix. Try stir-frying some asparagus as a nice side dish since it’s nearly the season for it, and because it’s downright delicious.

Since the fish is fairly mild and not too overpowering you might want to try a beer that follows suit. I recommend Goose Island’s Green Line, a solid APA. Though not overpowering, Green Line has a great malt taste and is not overly hoppy, a great summertime beer to enjoy in the backyard or a beergarden. Unfortunately it’s only available on tap in Chicago so this pairing might be difficult, check out an even better description here.

Thanks for thinking outside the bocks, check back next week for some more beer and food pairings.

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