Suds: March 21

Well, my bracket’s shot at this point, but at least the Badgers are going back to the Sweet 16. Go Bucky! Now that that’s out of my system let’s talk about beer. I don’t know about you, but the fact that Dogfish Head is pulling out of Wisconsin is a little vexing. On the one hand, I understand the need to maintain quality standards for their beer. If it’s the choice between a lot of mediocre or bad beer and less great beer, of course I’ll pick the great beer. But Wisconsin is serious beer country. I’d dare to even call it the beer capital of the US (at least the consumption half of beer). We want to know what you think on the subject, so crack open an Ale Asylum Madtown Nutbrown and let’s hear it.

– Looking for a cheap date night that includes dinner, beer (or wine), and bowling in the Twin Cities. There’s only one place to look, Bryant Lake Bowl. Sounds like the Dude’s kind of place.

– If you haven’t checked it out yet, Anthony’s interbrew with Metropolitan Brewing Co. is up and it’s a doozy

– Catch up with the Part Time Monk drinking beer for lent on his blog.

– Today’s the last day of the World Expo of Beer in Michigan. Tell your boss your coming down with something: Acute craftbeeroneosis.

– Tinley Park, Illinois is hosting the Brew and Vine Fest on April 9. Get your tickets today.

– Speaking of tickets, don’t miss out on the Happy Gnome’s Firkin Fest coming up this Saturday.

– The Zoo Society of Milwaukee is tapping into the brewanimals in us all with their wine and beer tasting.

– The South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center had an exhibit on the history of brewing in the state. Check out the pictures here or watch the video here.

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