Suds: March 23

I first read Ernest Hemingway as a freshman in college. It was just a collection of short stories, the Nick Adams stories from In Our Time, but it changed the way I saw a lot of things. Mostly, failed similes became poetry rather than asinine incomplete thoughts.

But that’s what writers do, they append a certain amount of weight to seemingly meaningless things. This summer I was really struck by the writing of Dave Eggers. His prose sticks out like a sore thumb, throbbing with self interest and dripping with profanity. What makes Eggers so great is that he is dedicated to the craft, honing every sentence and shaping every syllable. His publishing house, McSweeney’s, is a treasure trove. For today’s Suds, crack open a Hare Trigger IPA from Big Wood’s Brewing in Indiana, and check out Ernest Hemingway’s Yelp review of your favorite restaurant on McSweeney’s.

-I would have linked to Big Woods Busted Knuckle Red Ale, but I don’t advocate blood on the labels of my beer…

-Speaking of blood, the fisticuffs are off! Bell’s has issued a cease and desist to Northern Brewer and their homebrew kit affectionately dubbed “Three Hearted Ale.” Don’t get me wrong, I really do love Bell’s beer, but I don’t think they understand the difference between “copyright issue” and “tribute.”

Craft beer continues to grow! Celebrate with another 6-pack, I say!

-Get ready Chicago, Central Waters is entering the market.

-Our friends at Metropolitan have a new beer out: Iron Works Alt. Drink some now, or suffer the same wrath as those who face the Cybermen!

-Beer Here: Rendezvous from Lakefront Brewery.

-I didn’t forget about you Minnesota! Get over to Thomas Liquors for some awesome tastings.

-I’m biased about these big blog networks (guess why?), but it’s nice to see brewers in the City of Broad Shoulders getting some ink. Even if it is for beer cocktails. Wait, beer cocktails?

(Editor’s Note: We here at MwBC do not support adding anything to your beer once yeast is added, other than dry-hopping. Just wanted to make it clear we weren’t supporting beer cocktails, just the beers that are used to make them)

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