Thinking Outside the Bocks: Calamari

Welcome to another installment of Thinking Outside the Bocks. Can you believe it’s almost April already? Slow down for a minute or two with this gem from Panda Bear. While you’re at it why not enjoy some grub? Three Floyd’s Rabid Rabbit and some Calamari should do the trick.

Fried Calamari is one of my favorite appetizers of all time. I’ve typically enjoyed it in Italian restaurants where it’s served with Marinara sauce. However, I challenge you to try it next time with an Aioli style dipping sauce to mix it up. In my opinion the only way you can make something that’s awesome already is to add some garlic.

Rabid Rabbit is a seasonal offering from Three Floyd’s available beginning in March. I was rather perplexed by this beer since they add chamomile and rock candy to the brewing process. If that’s not thinking outside the bocks then I don’t know what is. I purchased it in a bomber and upon pouring it was interesting to note how cloudy the brew was. This cloudiness is the result of an additional dose of yeast given to the bottle to encourage secondary fermentation. Overall Rabbit is a pretty drinkable Saison, which is dangerous since the beer is 7.4% ABV.

Thanks for thinking outside the bocks, feel free to comment if you’re into this combination or if you think I’m just a Looney.

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