Suds: March 28th

Hey all, before I get too far into Suds I just want to mention that I will be out of town for the remainder of the week. Everything that goes on will be taken care of by Brian, and you are in the best of hands. Next time you check out MwBC, just think of me hanging out with the glaciers in Glacier National Park.

There’s a lot of this and that flying around Wisconsin right now, but take a minute and check out some history about the whole labor movement from UW-Madison professor William Cronon. Cronon is best known for his exploration of how the west was won, Nature’s Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West. At times, the book is boring for us non-economist/historians, but overall it provides a pretty incredible snapshot of how the United States grew and why Chicago is the city that it is.

So let’s celebrate Chicago and the rest of the Midwest with a  Three Floyds Robert the Bruce Scotch Ale.

-In case it wasn’t entirely clear, you should also celebrate Three Floyds selling 6000 tickets to Dark Lord Day.

-More from the City of Broad Shoulders, Goose Island has some great variations on its Bourbon County Stout.

And a Goose dinner on Wednesday. Schubas. Be there.

-Peace Tree Brewing posted some great photos from the Craft Brewer’s Conference.

-Good for Northern Brewer for taking the high road on this one. They truly understand the meaning of “Relax, have a homebrew.”

-New Glarus uses their Facebook way more than Twitter. Regardless, Two Woman and IIPA shipped last Friday! Get it now!

-A wise man once said, “New York’s the greatest if you get someone to pay the rent.” In case you can’t, just go to these tastings around the Twin Cities.

-This will be our next MwBC Spring Break: Beer Cruise. Hell yeah.

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