Brew For Thought: Two Brothers Monarch White

So it’s a weird time to be a beer drinker in Chicago. Half of me says I should stockpile bomber after bomber of Matilda in my basement for the coming Goose Island apocalypse. The other half of me says I should give up the Goose, and turn my back on the great brewery that brought quality craft brew to the thirsty masses of the Second City.

As my colleague Anthony so eloquently put it in his recent Editorial, the departure of the Goose will open up the Chicago market that much more for smaller craft breweries. Therefore, I’d like to expand your horizons with a great brew from just outside of Chicago. Enter Two Brothers Monarch White Beer.

Monarch is a seasonal offering from Two Brothers. Offered every spring it’s listed as their “anniversary brew.” Monarch is brewed with unmalted wheat, oats, and then spiced with coriander and orange peel. Typically, I’m not one for fruit or other extravagant spices in my beer because they tend to overbear on the rest of the flavor. However, in this case the added spice is welcome, in that it rounds out the flavor of an otherwise mild wheat. All in all, Monarch is a great spring alternative to your Bock selections, or a great summer wheat beer if you’re feeling jilted by 312.

Best Enjoyed: In the comfort of friends who need converting to the craft brew dark side. Try sneaking them one when they’re expecting a Miller Lite, they’ll be forever grateful.

Food Pairing: Keep the butterfly motif going with some garlic butterflied shrimp. The citrus from the orange peel will pair well with the strong garlic flavor.

Where to find it: Two Brothers can be found in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. Drop me a line if you want to head out to their taproom in Warrenville.


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  1. Amy

    I want to go to Two Brothers!

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