Suds: April 1

The week is drawing to a close and I for one couldn’t be happier. It means we’re one day closer to the Bright Eyes and Titus Andronicus concert at First Ave in Minneapolis. I can’t decide who I am more excited to see: Bright Eyes has been a favorite of mine since high school, but Titus Andronicus’ newest album rocked my socks off. Literally, I’m still walking around barefoot. The great thing about both of these bands is the rawness they bring to their music. Connor Oberst is one of the most adept lyricists of our generation and at any moment can crush his listener with an unexpectedly heavier metaphor. His voice seems like someone who is holding on to his grief like he’s homeless, gripping his coat tightly on a windy night in the dead of winter. Titus Andronicus’ music is dripping with exasperated energy and the absolute resolve to never give in. Their lyrics find glory in the shortcomings of the human body and the pettiness of our pride and vanity.

Check out Titus Andronicus’ song, “A More Perfect Union” and Bright Eyes’ new song, “Shell Game” as an appetizer for the concert. Oh, and what to drink with your appetizer? How about Summit’s Unchained #6 Gold Sovereign Ale.

Pracna on Main is getting a little Arrogant these days with all this new Stone beer.

– Founders Brewing is asking you, yes you, to help name its new beer and April 4 is the last day to submit your great idea. Personally, I can’t wait to drink a Twins World Series Champs Pale Ale. Has a great ring to it, doesn’t it?

– Bell’s is the title sponsor of a yacht race. Let me get my ascot and sailing cap. Oh wait…

– Over half way through Lent and this drunk monk is still going strong. Hope he really loves that doppelbock he’s drinking.

– Summit Brewing is sponsoring the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. Now that’s something I can get on board with: beer and cinematic adventures.

– Hey Chicago, find out what’s on tap for this weekend at your favorite bars and restaurants.

– Catch a tour of Milwaukee Brewing Co. today or tomorrow.

80s Prom Night at Short’s Brewing.

– These beer bicycles are popping up everywhere…and they are really fun. Trust me, I’ve done one.

Brewmasters cancelled? Say it ain’t so!

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