Suds: April 4

For better or for worse, I’m back. Montanta was nice, but it rained the whole time. The problem with cold rain is it gets right down to your bones, and there’s really only one cure for that: a fireplace.

For today’s Suds, let’s admire our National Parks from a different vantage point. Specifically, Ken Burns’ vantage point. Six episodes of “America’s Best Idea” cover everything from the crown jewel of Glacier National Park, to the less publicized parks in the American Southwest.

And don’t forget about America’s great state parks. Wisconsin is full of them. I have fond memories spent rummaging through the foliage in places like Wyalusing on the Mississippi River. In a state park in Colorado I slept in a cave at the bottom of a canyon near Colorado Springs. Who knows what I was thinking?

To honor the great outdoors, grab a Glacial Trail IPA from Central Waters. Let’s get on to Suds.

-Let’s get political. If you live in MN and like breweries to sell pints (which we all do!), let your voice be heard. There is a senate hearing on Tuesday, so call your senators now (especially if your senator sits on the Senate Commerce Committee).

-CEO of Goose Island John Hall: “I, for one, welcome our Macro-brew overlords.” It’s okay though, there’s plenty of good, local brews to go around, Chicago.

-This label is awesome: Half Acre’s Marty Stouffer’s Wild America Barley Wine.

-Can’t wait for Dark Lord Day? Head over to Flossmoor Station for their .357 Magnum Imperial Pilsner.

St. Paul Summer Beer Fest tickets on sale. Get them. Now.

Happiness in a can. Bell’s decides to appeal to the outdoorsmen in us all.

-Beer Here: Imperial India Pale Ale from New Glarus Brewing.

Some nice Belgian bottling tips from Northern Brewer. I really need to work on the presentation of my beer.

-Finally, “Dry-Hopped Disco.” That is all I have to say.

Remember, disillusionment with disco lead directly to grunge. For more insight, follow us on Twitter (@midwestbeer), find us on Facebook or shoot us an e-mail at


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