Thinking Outside the Bocks: Ceviche

With the advent of baseball season this past week it’s time to get serious about summer. For me, summer means day trips to the beach and nights in beer gardens. Ceviche is a great way to cap off a hot summer day, since it isn’t too heavy it can be enjoyed as either a main course or as an appetizer. There are several directions you can go with Ceviche flavor-wise. I’d suggest going with a sweeter beer to compliment the flavor of the citrus in the Ceviche, so try a Bell’s Oberon Ale.

Ceviche has many different permutations. Typically there will be a mild fish and shrimp combination making up the base of the dish. The seafood is prepared by marinating in a citrus juice, normally of the lime juice variety. There is no cooking of the fish involved and the dish is served cold with a mix of pico de gallo and avocado. It can be used as either a spread or a dip, and I’ve also seen it as a tostada topping.

Oberon is a great choice to pair with summer-type dishes. It’s got a nice wheat flavor that is both crisp and refreshing on even the hottest summer days. The wheat character of the beer compliments the sweetness of the ceviche. If you’re one for a spicier ceviche, Oberon is also great to quench those flames. I suggest bringing one of their mini kegs to your next barbecue. You and your friends will not regret it.

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