Suds: April 6

Working for a baseball team, it’s a little ironic that this major league season really snuck up on me. I didn’t even have time to feel the once perennial anticipation that builds during spring training because I am preparing for our season. Last night, the Twins shook me out of my baseball slumber with a huge comeback victory to beat the Bronx Bombers. Now if only they can do that in the post-season we might have a World Series in the snow. Until then, let’s savor the first week of summer as we fall back in love with the nation’s game.

The greatest part about baseball is that it’s played by nine ordinary men on a patch of dirt. We all dream we are stepping into the batter’s box or standing in grass of the outfield and the dream isn’t unreasonable–or at least it doesn’t feel that way. Take the 1911 St. Paul Saints baseball club for instance. Just boys playing a game with a hard look on their faces. Crack open a Summit EPA and breath in the baseball season.


– Speaking of baseball, beer vendors at Mariners games are tweeting at you.

– Minnesotans, take action in support of Surly’s dream brewery.

– Brooklyn Brewing Co. hits the shelves in Twin Cities. Check out MN Beer’s event list for where to find it this week.

– Metropolitan Brewing Co. and the Craft Beer Extravaganza.

SweetGrass is picking at the Tyranena Taproom soon. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a little bluegrass and beer.

– Stone Brewing Co. took over Minnesota and now has it’s eyes set on…Champaign, IL? Oh yeah, Stone at the Bling Pig.

– Tours available at Great Lakes Brewing Co. on April 8, sign up today.

– I’ve noticed more and more craft brewers are going to cans rather than bottles, which begs the question: what is better? Let’s turn to the Portland Tribune in Oregon, a great brewing state, for a nice debate.

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