Thinking Outside the Bocks: Tilapia

Welcome to this weeks TOtB. Anybody else hit the links yesterday and pretend they were in the Masters? Nothing beats chasing some birdies with a few cold ones. In honor of this article, why not have some Tilapia with and a Krankshaft Kolsch?

What’s better than Tilapia? How about Tilapia harvested in a sustainable manner. I recommend something kind of like this. As the recipe explains, Tilapia is a fairly mild fish, perfect for infusing bold flavors. I’d try mixing up the recipe a little bit to give it more of a summer feel. Instead of broiling the fish, get outside and fire the grill up. Charring the fish a little on the outside will add another flavor dimension that won’t disappoint.

Krankshaft is a perfect choice for this meal. Billed as a “pale straw hued smile in a glass,” it is great to pair with barbecue. The addition of curry to the mix compliments Krankshaft’s wheat character. My only desire would be a hoppier nose for this combination, but all in all this a great summertime pairing.

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