Suds: April 11

Well, the Minnesota Wild’s season is over, but not before they paid it forward to another great hockey team that a certain Anthony Cefali and Mike Lulich follow closely. That’s right, with the Wild win over the Dallas (should be North) Stars, the Chicago Blackhawks are going to the playoffs. Godspeed, Hawks. May you fly high to victory.

Let’s shift gears and think about spring and the beginning of the growing season in the Midwest with this great video from the Huffington Post on a few farms in tiny Lucan, MN, the home to 220 Minnesotans and Brau Brothers Brewing Co. So crack open a Brau Brothers Scotch Ale and enjoy this video.

– Want to learn how to brew your own estate beer like Dustin Brau? This will be your bible.

– Don’t miss this beer dinner featuring August Schell’s beer at the Happy Gnome. 

– Thanks to Common Roots Cafe, you can meet the brewers making your favorite brews.

– There’s been a lot of new entries and exits in the Midwest craft beer distribution world. Find out which brews are now being distributed in your area.

– Get ready for Chicago Craft Beer Week with the latest updates.

– Don’t want to travel into the heart of the Windy City, but still love beer? Check out Peoria’s beer festival.

– Not surprisingly, there are more beer festivals in Wisconsin. Madison’s Craft Beer Week soon approaches and so does the Lacrosse, WI Between the Bluffs Beer Fest.

– Here’s some news about new gardens popping up in New York. Beer gardens, that is.

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