Brew for Thought: Peace Tree Brewing’s Red Rambler

I can see history winding through trees, it’s what makes them beautiful. I’ve spent plenty of days under the trees, looking up and watching maple trees reach for the sky, while little saplings fight for a position as successor. I can see history in trees because of their solemnity, their endurance and their undying need to grow taller.

The guys at Peace Tree Brewing Company in Knoxville, Iowa must see things a similar way. They named their brewery after a historic sycamore tree near the town of Red Rock. The Peace Tree was a place of meeting. First, Indians used the tree to has out business and look out for the plains, and later, traders of all sorts worked out their deals and differences under the same tree. Peace Tree takes this idea a step further, sending out their own version of the tree to the good people of Iowa so that they can meet, talk and make the connections that are so important to life.

It makes sense that their Red Rambler Ale also has ties to their own history. The Rambler, a red ale (naturally), is named after the old Nash Rambler dealership that now houses the brewery. Pouring a nice, deep ruby red, three different malt flavors battle to assert themselves. Hop varieties round out the flavor allowing the Rambler to straddle the line between boldness and drinkability. In the end, though, it’s pretty clear that the Red Rambler is a fine beer with deep roots.

Best Enjoyed: In a pint glass. A nice one. Preferably at a bar in Iowa, with good company.

Food Pairing: Sausages. This is a red ale, so there is no substitute for sausages.

Where to find it: Only in Iowa, but it’s all over the place there!

Find out more about Peace Tree Brewing on their website.

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