Suds: April 15

Welcome back for this Friday’s edition of Suds. I just read an article about the Cairo protests in relation to the physical space in which they occurred, Tahrir Square, written by Nezar AlSayyad, a professor of architecture, planning and urban history and the chairman of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Beyond giving me more to think about with the outcome of the Egyptian protests, it made me consider how the layout of a city can affect our behavior and thought processes. Would the protests have been successful if there was not a square in which to organize, but rather a network of streets? Does the fact that State Street in Madison connects the heart of the University to the heart of the State’s government affect our perception of the possibility for social change through demonstration?

While I ponder these questions, trying to parse out my thoughts on the matter, let’s crack open a Revolution Brewing God of War Martzen and get to some Suds.

– Town Hall Brewery is serving up some aged cider from Crispin tonight.

– Man, Anheuser-Busch. Wasn’t swallowing up a craft brewery enough for you?

– Madison’s Craft Beer Week is going on sale soon. And if that wasn’t enough, how about getting your Great Taste of the Midwest tickets the same week?

– For our friends in Ann Arbor still reeling from the loss in the National Championship game with UMD, we’ve got the place to drown your sorrows–Arbor Brewing.

Steaks and beer. Sounds good to me.

– Iowa doesn’t get enough beer love, so let’s give it up for Mill Stream Brewing Co. and their award-winning brew.

– Bloomington, Indiana residents should make time to be at the Infinite Wisdom Release Concert. If you can’t, at least check out Upland’s Maifest.

– Tips on how to celebrate 3 Floyd’s Dark Lord Day.

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