Suds: April 18

If there is one thing not needed on a Monday, it’s skepticism, so I apologize. Skepticism takes many forms, from annoying to productive. The following article falls more into the “good scientific analysis” category. This weekend’s New York Times magazine contained an article about sugar and how it’s the culprit for our obesity epidemic (I’d link to it, but I don’t want to waste any of my free articles on the NYTimes, so Google it).

The skepticism in this case is valid because extremism is very much the reason we have issues with obesity. Moderation, responsibility and an active lifestyle should lead to good health. As much as it pains me to say it, I am referring to moderation in terms of beer as well. But as a nation, we’re looking for quick fixes, so we blame sugar much like we blamed fats in the 80’s.

So practice moderation and grab yourself a Bad Elmer’s Porter from Upland Brewing in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. And don’t forget to check out our Interbrew with their head brewer!

-Homebrew note: I brewed a Summer Scotch Ale today, I’m not sure how summery it will be. Anyone have any suggestions for how to make something like that? I’m looking for a full-bodied summer ale, for those of us who want to enjoy summer without sacrificing flavor.

-New label from Schlafly.

Fellow Flatlanders Unite! Brian posted this last week, but it’s imperative we continue the push before AB owns the means to distribution as well.

-Beer Here: St. Bernard Abbey Ale from the Grumpy Troll.

-MN drinkers, head to Between the Bluffs Fest this weekend.

Sun King and 3 Floyds collaborate. Get ready for awesomeness.

-Is the Great Lakes Beer Fest in jeopardy? Yes it is, sadly, yes it is.

Neat write-up of the Drinking & Writing Theater at the new Haymarket Pub in Chicago.

-Finally, Avery Brewing has to revamp their distribution plan due to high demand. Craft brewing sales are growing out of control, this is a very good thing. It’s nice to see Avery to exercise sound judgement and not make any rash decisions that may or may not lead to you urinating in public.

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