Brew for Thought: Bell’s Oberon Ale

If ever there was a perfect beer for a midsummer night, Bell’s Oberon Ale is that beer. Sharing the name of a Fairie king from Medieval folklore, revived in Shakespeare’s great romantic comedy, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” this beer embodies the mischeivous nature of Oberon and the mystery of his realm.

In the play, Oberon’s argument with Titania over the child she is tending to leads to the misuse of a flower whose juices make a person fall in love with the first person he or she meets. The ensuing love triangle caused by Oberon yields great tumult in the mortal world, but eventually leads to a reordering of the world which creates a new equilibrium for the humans and for Oberon and Titania too.

After one Oberon, you will feel much the same way. The beers go down easy, but not in an indifferent way. Oberon is seductive, strong and confident. It exists in its own sphere, one for people who wish to drink summer beers without sacrificing the beer quality that usually defines a summer beer. Oberon is assertive, much like its namesake, and always has the best of intentions. So quaff away, wild thing. You deserve this beer.

Best enjoyed: Take it on a boat. Take it fishing. Take it out with you in the rain (bring a raincoat too). Drink the entire mini-keg when you buy it.

Best paired with: German foods. Whatever you’re putting on the grill. Enchiladas. Tamales. Seriously, tamales.

Find it: Available throughout the Midwest and the Southeast. And Arizona. What’s with Arizona having all of this awesome beer from the Midwest? Cheers to that!

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