Suds: Earth Day Edition

Happy Earth Day everyone! We here at MwBC are fierce proponents of environmental stewardship, and we salute those that carry on the dream of Wisconsin’s own Gaylord Nelson, the man behind Earth Day. Nelson, the most environmentally driven Senator ever to serve, organized the first Earth Day as a way to give back and raise awareness for the planet.

Today, the University of Wisconsin-Madison boasts one of the strongest environmental studies departments in the United States, aptly named after Gaylord Nelson (the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies). Collage artist Robert Rauchenberg, best known for his documentation of the US space program, used an image of a bald eagle to capture the energy and spirit of environmentalism:

You too can celebrate Earth Day by opening a Shine On from Central Waters. Crafted in homage to the great state of Wisconsin, it’s a flavor not soon forgotten.

– Friend and mentor, Peter Allen, let’s us all know how to make a difference on this Earth Day.

-Dark Lord Day is upon us. Find everything you need here and here and here.

-Beer Here: Verruckte Stadt German Pils from the Great Dane Fitchburg.

-And while we’re at it, get ready for Madison Craft Beer Week. Bedlam will be released that week. You’ve been warned about the awesome.

-Not beer related, but interesting none the less. This guy wants to make wine in a rehabbed Chicago home. I can’t really imagine a vineyard along the Dan Ryan…

-Our friends at MNBeer won an award for having a great site! Cheers to that!

-A nice review of Cap Brewery’s Eternal Flame from the guys at Midwest Beer.

Stevens Point brewery expanding.

-I had my first sour ale the other day. Here’s a nice article in the New York Times about making sour ales.

How did you celebrate Earth Day? Let us know on Twitter (@midwestbeer), Facebook or shoot us an e-mail at


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