Brew for Thought: Lake Louie’s Coon Rock Cream Ale

There is a time and a place for every beer. For Mike and myself, Old Style tastes best when you’re drinking it in Grant Park. For all of us here at MwBC, Spotted Cow is truly a delight on the Memorial Union Terrace. Today’s featured beer, Lake Louie’s Coon Rock Cream Ale, would be a welcomed addition to my Thursday evening spent with one of my favorite bands, Sleeping in the Aviary.

Space is colder without beer. And dinosaurs.

So what makes a cream ale? Specifically, Lake Louie’s Coon Rock Cream Ale? And why do you want to pair it with this show?

First, cream ale is rich in history as well as flavor. Lake Louie’s takes its recipe straight from the pre-Prohibition days, when beer tasted like beer, dammit. Coon Rock Cream Ale is honest, evocative, smooth and even assertive at times. Known as the ultimate “lawn-mower beer,” Coon Rock dares to be a little bit more while also allowing you to drink a little bit more. Think German Kolsch, but with an American attitude. Don’t think Bud or High Life or whatever macroswill will invariably come up when discussing cream ales.

As for the show, it’s imperative you sip a beer while enjoying fine music. Especially when that music is about growing up, feeling unloved, dying and most importantly, dinosaurs. I usually opt for a PBR or a Schlitz, but every once in a while it’s nice to take things just a bit further. Fork over the extra quarters for something a little different, that makes you stand out in the crowd. Coon Rock allows you to rock out while keeping the integrity of your inner beer geek.

Best enjoyed: In this case, at a show in a pint glass. You should sip it thoughtfully, and take in everything, because live music is a pure joy and beer makes it better.

Best paired with: Comfort foods. Be bold and generous with your food styles. Coon Rock can be misconstrued as light, but it holds its own when paired with flavorful foods.

Find it: Judging by Lake Louie’s website, only Wisconsin. And we’re luckier for it.

Find out more about Lake Louie on their website.

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