Suds: April 29

It’s Friday again and the beer is cold, waiting for you to come home and pry off the lid. But maybe you are itching for something a little different this weekend. Something cultured–and I’m not talking about yogurt.

The Midwest is home to several great free art, history and off-beat museums that are open to the general public, so why not take advantage. If you’re in the Twin Cities stop in at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to get a “Close” up. Then drive into town for a stroll through the famous Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

If you’re in Chicago, where better than the Art Institute (it’s not free but for how cool it is, it is totally worth price of admission.

If you’re in the Madison, WI neighborhood, there are three great spots to hit: the Chasen, the Overture Center, and the Memorial Union. All of them are within walking distance, so you can have a few pitchers on the terrace in between stops.

Let’s get to Suds:

– Grumpy’s is offering up a Firkin sacrifice to the beer gods. Imbibe and be happy.

– You can’t go spelunking, but there will be plenty of beer at the Casanova Beer Cave Festival in WI. Here’s a link to some tickets to this sold out event.

Colla-beer-ration with Brew Dog and 3 Floyds.

– It’s not too late to get involved in Madison’s Beer Week. In fact, it’s only just begun.

– Peoria, Illinois get ready for beer.

St. Louis Microfest is fast approaching. The beer is micro, but the pints are the same size.

– Nebraska is getting in on the beer fest action with the Omaha Beer Fest.

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