Suds: May 4

There’s something about the Midwest that grows a certain kind of music. From Wilco to The Replacements to Bon Iver to Andrew Bird, they all seem to be obsessed with rolling hills, truck-stop destinations and the pensive existence of its inhabitants. While these insiders look in and project out, others come here and combine experiences and speak directly to a wider, more diverse audience.

Right now I’m spinning the latest offering from UW-Madison ethnomusicology graduate student Julian Lynch. He’s a transplant from New Jersey, and a friend of Patrick Stickles and the rest of Titus Andronicus. Terra feels right at home here in Madison, where the indelible mark of glaciers seems to begin and stretch out through the state of Wisconsin.

Listen to more of Lynch’s music here, and check out his blog, Space Mountain. What to drink while enjoying this surreal experience? Grab a Surly Hell, and get ready to welcome warmer weather with these great tunes.

-I requested more breweries to fill the Goose Island void. Well, ask and you shall receive! New Chicago Brewing is getting ready to make some beer, and their going to do it in an environmentally friendly way!

-Mad-town beer freaks, don’t forget it’s Craft Beer Week. The Isthmus  has you covered. And there’s way more to do as the week goes on.

Alaskan Brewing at Thomas Liquor. Get ready MN beer drinkers.

-Here come the Dark Lord Day recaps! The Full Pint visited as well as our friends at Chicago Beer Geeks.

The Trib even covered Dark Lord Day. They’ve been doing a great job covering the beer industry lately, let’s hope they keep it up!

-More details for Chicago Craft Beer Week.

-Tough work but someone’s gotta do it: Midwest Beer reviews some Wisconsin Maibocks.

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