Brew for Thought: Mother’s Little Helper

Oh my, how things have changed here at MwBC. Long time readers will remember our very first Interbrew. At the time, Mother’s was still working out the kinks. The brewery wasn’t fully operational, the recipes fully realized and most importantly, the beer wasn’t ready to drink. But that was January, and a lot has changed since then.

Enter Mother’s Lil’ Helper. Technically not available in liquor stores everywhere, it’s so close we can taste it. And all signs point to it being delicious. Now, label design really has no bearing over the taste of a beer, but Mother’s presentation is sharp and to the point. It presents something bold, as well as refreshing. A nice addition to a Missouri BBQ.

But what set’s Mother’s Lil’ Helper apart is the aggressive nature and color. Darker than most pale ales and better for finding the underside of the table, the Lil’ Helper is hopped at every conceivable part of the brewing process to contribute to the flavors. Like Mother always knows best, Mother also says it best, Lil’ Helper features “a mellow malt character as the backbone” of an endearing drinking experience.

Get ready for the best ever Mother’s Day on May 14th. Springfield is a long way from Madison, but Wisconsin is hoping to try some of the beer before Mother gets upset…

Best enjoyed: In the company of lovers you’d never tell your mother about (their idea, not mine).

Best paired with: Spicy foods! All of them! Especially Mexican food!

Find it: Not entirely sure yet, but probably only in Missouri. Don’t deprive Wisconsin of the motherly love!

Find out more about Mother’s on their super-awesome website.

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