Suds: May 6

It’s amazing I’ve gotten anything done this week while Madison Craft Beer Week rages on. Good friends and great Upland beers at the Mason Lounge last night(where beer comes in a mason jar!). More of the same with some grilled cheese at the Old Fashioned. It’s a wonder why people ever leave Madison, or why every week isn’t craft beer week?

It’s probably because there is an entire planet to explore, and beyond that a universe of infinite infinity. And who better to introduce you to the great expanse than Carl Sagan himself? Sagan’s series, Cosmos, explains the universe the only way Sagan knew how: compelling, adventurous and ready for exploration. Hopefully your weekend will be this exciting:

But what the heck, it’s Friday! Grab a Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold and get ready to have a good time. A real good time.

Madison Craft Beer Week is nowhere near over. So stop waiting around and grab a beer!

Oregon Beer Fest is tomorrow during the day. You have no excuse to miss MCBW events at night.

-Midwest Ex-Pats: shame on you for leaving, but we miss you. If you can’t come back, at least enjoy some of the Midwest’s finest beers.

-Q: Where is the best place to drink a beer? A: The shower!

-Cool news from the Chicago suburbs: Two Brothers Brewery has purchased the Roundhouse. The Roundhouse is more famously known as Walter Payton’s Roundhouse. Such a great athlete deserves a great facility.

May is great for Maibocks! I have one waiting to be quaffed, whenever Brian and Mike make there way back to Madison.

-Tonight, MN drinkers, try some Lupulin’s Libations at Hasting Coborn’s.

-Vote early and often for your favorite craft lager. And don’t ever, EVER, confuse macroswill with a well thought-out and expertly brewed craft lager. Never.

-Neat story worth a New York Times click: this guy grows his own beer on the farm! Well, sort of. It’s cool anyway.

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