Thinking Outside the Bocks: Brown Ale and Mushroom Gravy

So Mike moved last weekend and doesn’t quite have the kitchen together to prepare TOtB. To celebrate the move and the fact that I’m sitting on my porch writing this without pants on, we’re going to put together two simple things for a meal that’s simply delicious. And actually, I am wearing pants, my roommate wouldn’t be too happy if I wasn’t.

This week, whip up some mushroom gravy to mix with your favorite meat entree and grab a brown ale. This combo screams English influence, but you’ll notice how it steps away from the preconceived notions of tastelessness right away.

I also can’t stress enough how locally sourcing your mushrooms will make all the difference. It also gives some room to play around with different flavors that wouldn’t always be considered in a brown gravy, elevating your meal. For the meat, it’s probably best to go with a nice flank steak or beef brisket. Chicken goes well too, and don’t be afraid to just cover some rice or potatoes with the gravy (I’m pretty sure potatoes evolved to go with gravy).

To drink? Wow, this is a tough one. Ale Asylum’s Madtown Nut Brown is probably a good place to start. Flossmore Station pours a delcious brown ale, and Surly has an Oatmeal brown for a real kick.

Sorry for the shorter-than-usual pairing advice, I’m still learning the ropes of eating properly. Regardless, quaff away! And enjoy the grub.

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