Suds: May 8

Fact: the internet is humongous. Seriously, you can get the scoop on pretty much anything you want. While that can seem pretty overwhelming, it also gives us things like this. BLDGBLOG is one of the few blogs I follow with obsessive fervor. It appeals to both the little kid and the intellectual inside of us all. It entertains grand ideas, and encourages us to think beyond the scope of how we’re currently living.

I find the linked article about the formation of the spacesuit to be particularly enlightening, mainly because the moon seems further away than any other time since the moon landing. Geoff Manaugh clearly loves architecture, design and most importantly, a completely harmonious vision of the future. One of his best investigations took place at Biosphere 2, an experiment I will dedicate much more verbiage to in the upcoming weeks (Editor’s Note: The last time I read the article it had all the pictures attached, Biosphere 2 requested they be taken down, which is a damn shame and against everything they stood for in the first place).

What to drink? Geez, I just had some Ale Asylum Bamboozalator, but I’m going to recommend a more summery offering. Two Brother’s Dog Days should be out by now, which means Broad Shoulders Drinkers should be drinking it right now.

-I celebrated Madison Craft Beer Week. Did you? Isthmus has some brief recaps, I’d expect more as the week goes on. PS If anyone was wondering, the grilled cheese at the Old Fashioned was perfect.

-I almost forgot! Saturday was National Homebrewing Day. The guys from Nothern Brewer think you should join the American Homebrewers Association.

-And the guys at NB brewed some really sweet beers!

Bell’s labels keepin’ it real.

Summit Brewing on BrewTV! Awesome.

-Cheese and beer? Yes, please.

-Not from the Midwest, but certainly dear to my heart: Labatt spreads its wings and tries something new. Labatt is responsible for the Blackhawks success in the 2008-09 season, in case anyone was wondering (or at least I think my drinking of it was somewhat linked to their success).

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