Suds: May 20

Nothing says Friday quite like the idea of extinction! I used one of my twenty New York Times clicks to read this article from Andrew Revkin’s Dot Earth blog, and was not disappointed in the least. According to many, we’re in the midst of another great extinction period (Holocene, to be precise, has gone on since about 10,000 BC), one that presents greater challenges than most others.

My friend, and evolutionary biology PhD candidate, pointed out to me today that  studying the Holocene extinction is so frustrating because animals  just sort of die off. We watch species go extinct, but we don’t know how to fully commemorate them or understand them or document them. Interesting thought, but I was most preoccupied with our ideas of conservation. Revkin quotes Joseph Mendelson, who rightfully points out that protecting natural habitats is only one part of conservation. The rest? We’re not sure yet, but the first step is always admitting there are holes in our knowledge.

In honor of this downer of an intro, crank the Replacements and grab some Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. It’s Friday, after all, and that’s reason to get excited.

Beer fit for a Time Lord.

-Broad Shoulders drinkers, get ready. It’s Chicago Craft Beer Week. I don’t want to exhaust you with everything that’s going on, so here’s a quick rundown from Eater Chicago.

-More Bell’s, this time in beer label form.

-Beer Here: Mosquito Beach from Lake Louie Brewing.

-Here’s to 25 more years of Summit! And many, many more.

Last night at MacKenzies for MCBW events. Get there. Now.

-I could link to each individual article, but here’s a good rundown of everything happening at Surly right now. Geez, how do they find time to brew the beer?

-Jigger Ale? Yep, Jigger Ale.

-Finally, Not from the Midwest, but equally awesome. This beer is approved for space travel. I’m afraid I can’t let you drink all of that, Dave…


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