Suds: May 23

Hey all, happy Monday. Glad you made it through the weekend, especially considering it was the first weekend of Chicago Craft Beer Week (Editor’s Note: Please check out the CCBW web page because it is worth of any design awards it can receive, and CCBW is a one of a kind event).

I’m always unsure of how to talk about David Byrne. Part taste maker, part musician, part historian, part futurist, part film director, all of these things somehow add up to the genius behind the Talking Heads. When Byrne released Here Lies Love, many amateur critics asked if Byrne was truly brilliant, or just crazy (Fact: anyone who thinks David Byrne is crazy, is actually crazy themselves). This following TED Talk helps to give us a better understanding of the man behind the music, and if that doesn’t help we always have this:

It’s Chicago Craft Beer Week, so grab an Iron Works Alt from our friends at Metropolitan Brewing, and let’s get to Suds.

-If I haven’t mentioned it yet, Chicago Craft Beer Week is going on, and it’s being nicely documented on their website.

-No Tour de Fat stop in your city? Perhaps you can catch New Belgium’s Clips of Faith instead. It’s stopping in Madison on June 10th, so get ready.

-This pun got me hook, line and sinker: Happiness is a Warm Carboy.

New label from Bell’s. No Time Lord allusions, but I do see some Christ-like imagery…

-Hey you! Ice your yeast when you ship it!

-Congratulations to Central Waters for becoming the first brewery accepted into the Wisconsin DNR’s Green Tier program for environmental accomplishment!

-Finally, the summer festival series is just beginning. Mark your calendars for the Milwaukee Firkin. It’s going to be awesome.

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