Suds: May 25

Hey Suds readers, happy Wednesday. What’s in store for today? Only an assignment for next weeks Hoptellectual. Since I couldn’t get one up yesterday, next week’s is going to be extra special. So the assignment is simple: listen to Pavement. A lot of Pavement.

We really didn't want to be in this picture.

Why does Pavement matter? The answer is a little different for me, someone who was five years old when Slanted and Enchanted ripped knee holes in the jeans of tastemakers everywhere. They’re a symbol of how musicians can be unequivocally cool. Sure, there was the tortured cool of Kurt Cobain, or the mainstream cool of Kanye West, but Pavement defined cool for an unspoken for demographic. They’re responsible for an entire subculture that had nowhere to go before, and we’re forever indebted to them.

So crack open a New Glarus Fat Squirrel, and let’s get to Suds.

-First, we want to send one big congratulations from all of us here at MwBC to Deb Carey of New Glarus Brewing Company. She was honored with a small business person of the year award, as well as the White House’s Champion of Change Award. I’ll raise a Moon Man to that!

Central Waters hits Chi-Town! Exciting day in the City of Broad Shoulders.

MN Governor Dayton signs the taproom bill into law. And there was much rejoicing (yeah!).

-Two years on, the Dark Knight is still rising. This time, in beer form. (Editor’s Note: I’m so frackin’ excited for the next Batman movie).

-Geez, if this keeps up I’ll be out of my job: lots of beer links from the Midwest. Imbibe away, my friends.

Have you switched to summer beer? Does Robert the Bruce count as a summer beer?

-Finally, let’s all go camping and make these awesome recipes. Whaddya’ say, readers?

-PS Are you listening to Pavement?

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