Brew for Thought: Ale Asylum’s Madtown Nut Brown

It’s Terrace time in Madison beer drinkers. But with which premium brew will you refuel after standing up for cyclists’ road rights after critical mass, or enjoy during a rousing game of cribbage? Der Stiftskeller offers a plethora of tantalizing taps, and plausible pints; it’d be foolish to arrive unprepared. Fear not dear beer drinkers, for there exists a beer so delicious I’ve seen the tears of grown men flow like the mist of Lake Mendota at the mere mention of it.

Ale Asylum’s Madtown Nutbrown is a perennial favorite of many a Madisonians. Pouring a deep brown hue and yielding a creamy thick head, this beer supplies just enough brown ale characteristics to live up to its name. The brewers at Ale Asylum blend several different malt characteristics to give Madtown Nutbrown its distinctive taste: nutty upfront, a caramel afterglow, and just the right sweetness.

Though this beer doesn’t exactly scream summer outright, if I’ve learned anything in psychology, the human mind can create associations between the strangest things through conditioning. Drinking this (or any beer, for that matter) at certain times with certain people can build bridges between once unfathomable distances. I demand you give it at least a chance once this summer with some good people.

Best Enjoyed: You guessed it, with great company at the Memorial Union Terrace, watching the sunset behind Picnic Point.

Food Pairing: Brat me, please. Extra kraut.

Where to find it: Ale Asylum is one of Wisconsin’s great breweries, and unfortunately like many of these great breweries, their beer doesn’t make outside the state limits. It is available on tap in Madison and Milwaukee, and in six packs all over the rest of Wisconsin.

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