Suds: May 27

Hey all, happy Friday! It’s Friday, so that means I’ll be heading to Bucky’s Butchery to buy some delicious food to make for dinner later. Lamb sausage anyone? Yes, I agree. Last night was one of those nights where the only thing I could do was watch The Big Lebowski. Sounds tough, I know.

They peed on your f******* rug.

What makes the Dude such a character is the fact that he’s totally polarizing. You need to know that he’s not out to do anything other than be The Dude. He’s perfectly content with that, and you should be too. Also, take one moment to think about everything he went through during the course of that movie, and remember that it was all because of one rug. It really did tie the room together, and that’s about all we can ask for in life.

Still celebrating New Glarus’s good news, grab yourself a IIPA and let’s get to Suds.

Serious Eats covers CCBW. It look’s frackin’ delicious.

-There should be a site dedicated only to beer labels. Since there isn’t yet, check this out. And if someone comes up with a site and I’m not a part of it, oh boy, there will be hell to pay.

-Kudos to you, Illinois State Government, for making Illinois a friendly place for craft brewers to do what they do best.

-Not beer related, but incredibly important: There are multiple brat festivals in Madison this weekend. Please choose wisely.

-Excited for St. Paul Summer Beer Fest? You are not alone.

-Finally, some take the easy way out (Goose…cough…Island…cough), and others work for everything they get. Here‘s to Dogfish Head’s aggressive expansion. I will gladly buy their beer to support it!

-Remember, the Dude abides.

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