Thinking Outside the Bocks: English Meat Pie

Welcome to this weekend’s edition of TOtB. A rainy Memorial Day weekend calls for a lazy day in the pub. Fortunately, this weekend’s UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona afforded some viewing pleasure. Old Town Social got global for the game, offering two specials reflecting each teams nationality. I chose their English inspired Meat Pie and paired it with a New Holland Golden Cap Ale.

Since Old Town Social has their own butcher shop, I don’t think it was unreasonable to expect their English Meat pie would be anything short of delectable. Consisting of fresh, natural, hormone and antibiotic free pork mixed with a mushroom sausage, and finished up with thyme. The crust wasn’t very crust-like at all. Much more resembling a croissant, it was perfectly flaky and lightly buttered. Believe it or not the standout of the dish was the mushrooms. Button in style, they soaked up each detail of the meat. They also offered their own earthy characteristic that paired well with the Golden Cap Saison.

A great farmhouse style ale, Golden Cap is brewed with spelt rather than traditional wheat. It is citusy up front, with a great yeasty almost bubble gum finish. Though I would have preferred a Boddingtons (or other type of English bitter) to pair with the English meat pie, the Saison worked fairly well. As mentioned before, the earthy notes from the mushrooms paired well with with the yeasty finish of the ale. The light buttery crust worked well with the initial citrus flavor.

Thanks for reading this weekend, be sure to check back for some more food and beer pairings next week.


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