Suds: June 1

Hey! Sorry everyone for missing Monday’s Suds. It wasn’t really an unforeseen circumstance, I spent the day just kind of floating down the Kickapoo River in a canoe. For me, that was the reset button, just observing eons old rock faces and watching satellites in orbit at night.

Cold Hydrogen Clouds in the Carina Nebula
What I saw last night while camping. Source:

Wait? You haven’t been camping yet this year?!?!?! What are you waiting for! Check out the state forest in your area (apologies for the incomplete list): Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.

Celebrate the great outdoors, grab some Central Waters Happy Heron Pale Ale, and let’s get to Suds.

-Hey, whaddya know? Beer HEre: Happy Heron Pale Ale.

-More beer here: Godzilla from Milwaukee Brewing Company. How does it fair against the competitions? Ask Mothra…

Midwest label news. Seriously, this should be a website.

St. Paul Summer Beerfest List! This is going to be epic.

Rush River Cask Dinner. That’s as awesome as it is poetic.

Millstream Beer coming to MN.

And here’s to you, New Belgium! See you all at Clips of Faith in Madison next week.

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