Brew for Thought: Ale Asylum Hopalicious

It was 103 degrees two days ago in St. Paul and never have I craved something more than an ice-cold Hopalicious on the terrace at Memorial Union in Madison. The summer season is perfect for pale ales with pungent aromas and a crisp bite to slake any thirst and perhaps there is no pale ale better suited for this purpose than Ale Asylum’s Hopalicious. This beer guided me through the last years of college one pitcher at a time, slowing me down to really savor my last semesters at UW. In fact, after Hopalicious I lost all interest in house parties, keg stands and beer bongs and realized that what I thirsted for was quality, not quantity; it changed my an entire outlook on college lifestyle. I began buying six-packs of good beer, drinking each with consideration, and splitting pitchers of Hopalicious on the terrace with friends while we talked about school, art, music and life.

Hopalicious pours a golden straw color and effuses a wonderful bouquet of citric and floral hops. Proclaimed an American Pale Ale, this beer lives up to all expectations with bold flavors that are well-balanced. It also contains a certain unnameable quality that gives it a definite Midwestern identity, lending itself perfectly to relaxing by the lake or hiking to Hemlock Draw or even a long bike ride through the isthmus (perhaps even to its birthplace, Ale Asylum). Grab yourself a six-pack at the brewery in Madison and tell Head Brewer Dean Coffey hello from the Midwest Beer Collective.

Best Enjoyed: At a brightly colored table, sitting in brightly colored chairs, next to a lake with a group of great friends.

Best Paired With: Grilled sweet corn, sweet potatoes and beer brats.

Where to Find It: All over the Isthmus of Madison and in the surrounding counties.

For more information, visit Ale Asylum’s website and be sure to read our exclusive Interbrew with Dean Coffey, the creator of Hopalicious.


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