Suds: June 10

It’s here! It’s finally here! Tonight, New Belgium’s Clips of Faith makes a stop in Madison! Look for me, I’ll be the idiot high-fiving all the bikers and talking about how awesome the whole thing is going to be. I don’t often drink beers from outside the Midwest, but when I do, it’s generally New Belgium.

What to do to get ready for such a day? Well, for me, I’m just going to listen to the Pixies all day long and pretend it’s the early 90’s again. First introduced to me as “that band with the song at the end of Fight Club,” the Pixies quickly stirred my attention, and for good reason. Doolittle is visceral and alive, living all over you like a Dinosaur Jr. record. But the Pixies don’t focus on hooks as much as they focus on being raucous.

Yeah, we're really old now.

For today’s Suds, let’s celebrate New Belgium with a Fat Tire.

-I don’t know what to make of this, but it sure looks awesome: new beer from Three Floyds.

-Public Service Announcement: Use your hops!

-Power to the people, and the pints!

Epic tasting at Zipps for all you Minnesotans (4th best tourist destination in the world!).

Two Brothers doing some more moving.

Saugatuck Brewing just keeps growing.

-Finally, win tickets to Beer Dabbler at Highland Fest in St. Paul.

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