Suds: June 13

Happy Monday. Slow news weekend, probably because of how nice it was all weekend. I finally finished all 467 pages of Rabbit is Rich (it only took me 5 weeks!), and am ready to get back to all the other books that have piled up on my desk. Clips of Faith did not disappoint Friday, most movies awkwardly aimed at the funny bone. We all laughed, we cried a little bit from the laughter, it definitely made an impact. I also got to do something I haven’t found the time to do: take out the camera.

Andy Warhol once likened his own sight to a camera, taking in images and storing them for later days. It’s probably the best advice to give a traveller, be the camera, besides to take pictures. For a while, I only shot in black and white. I have a dark room and it’s a really interesting process. Last year, I got a nice digital camera for graduation and it has changed the way I think about shooting pictures.

But I’m still an amateur, and no one wants to see amateur photography so for this Monday’s Suds, grab some Lake Louie Warped Speed Scotch Ale and check out these light-graffiti extraodinaires, Lichtfaktor.

-MN drinkers, this will happen soon: Summit Honeymoon Saison Release parties around the state.

Some nice beer and wine tips pairing tips.

-Nice explanation of Belgian beer allure for a non-beer drinking audience.

-More excellent stuff from the Tribune: Chicago’s newest brewery, 5 Rabbit’s, is the first Latin craft brewery. Welcome to the big time, 5 Rabbits, and I’m looking forward to trying the beer!

-And even more from the Trib: Finding differences in hop flavors thanks to Sam Adams Latitude 48 sampler.

-Beer Here: Hibiscus Saison from Vintage Brewing.

-Finally, medical school, or brewing school?

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