Brew for Thought: Furthermore’s Knot Stock

A few months ago my roommate’s friend from Germany came to visit. He was really cool to have around the house, interesting fellow, wicked smart and funny. He made an offhanded comment during his stay that I took to heart and haven’t looked back from. He directly insulted American brewing tradition.

Unthinkable? Yes, but he had only spent time in the States well before he could legally imbibe. We decided his sample size wasn’t good enough to run a true statistical analysis on. So we got to work, starting with Furthermore’s Knot Stock.

When I brew, I only use ingredients from the US (and when possible, from Wisconsin). It’s nothing against other brewing traditions. I love English pub beers. They’re my favorite flavors, and some of my absolute favorite beers. German beers taught me how to appreciate the flavor of beer. I began to understand the art that is finding the perfect balance between hops and malt. But we have something special here in the States. It’s like the American Dream, being played out in real time.

Knot Stock is an APA, and a man amongst boys. Furthermore points to a “tangle” of flavors, and nothing represents the American experience better than a tangle. America is such a tangle of high culture, politics, cutting edge science and technology and unconventional brewing practices. Knot Stock seems to pour that way, brimming with everything and all the hope of everyone. Hop aromas soar, and hop flavors abound.

And the pepper flavors? It’s there, the steady tree that invites the vines to tangle. The weave and constriction, it adds up, softened by a caramel malt sweetness. There’s nothing more American than an APA, and nothing as complex as the idea of an “American” as Knot Stock.

Best enjoyed: By the grill, of course, when you’re getting together some spicier kabobs or stuffed peppers. Good friends are a must, and doubters of American beer tradition.

Best paired with: This is America. Go nuts. Just no desert. Or beerios.

Find it: Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

More information on Furthermore’s website.

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