Suds: June 17

Hey all. Have to make this quick before I head to work and then off to Chicago and beautiful Wrigley Field for tomorrows Cubs-Yankees game. Unfortunately, Derek Jeter was put on the DL and won’t be getting his 3000th hit with me in attendance.

Wrigley circa the last World Championship.


Since I’m low on time and low on talent, here’s the best explanation of why Wrigley Field matters from a personal favorite writer, Dave Eggers. Eggers points out that Wrigley is a place where Chicagoans can go and just sort of hang out, to see and be seen, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, we’d also like to win on occasion…

To celebrate my weekend jaunt back to Chicago, grab a 5 Vulture from the new 5 Rabbit Brewery in Chicago.

-A little bit more on Chicago Craft Beer Week from the Chicago Beer Geeks.

-MN drinkers and cheese eaters, all of you, head over to Midwest Supplies for a pairing lesson.

-Michigan! Get ready for the Art of Beer Festival.

-Half Acre, I only want to drink your beers. What a fantastic label!

A nice expose of beer and sausage pairings. Unfortunately, the only Midwestern beer is a Sprecher. When will everyone learn?

-We already had a recipe for beer can chicken, but ours didn’t have this much bacon in it.

-Finally, some really cool stuff from Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione. Great dude with some great beers.

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