Suds: June 20

Happy Monday, Suds readers. Happy day after fathers day, we’re going to celebrate by looking into something my Dad really likes to learn about. Use up one of your New York Times clicks and take a look at Ernest Hemingway’s favorite spots in Madrid.

Madrid played a vital role in Hemingway’s post-World War I epic, The Sun Also Rises, and the bullfights fit in perfectly with Hemingway’s macho ethos, and brutal simplicity. But Madrid is so much more than that, a city dripping with culture and art, inspiring countless artists like Hemingway, and the many other artists that followed.

To celebrate Hemingway, and the midwest, try some whiskey from Old Sugar Distillery in Madison, WI. On to Suds!

-New label (and beer) from Schafly.

An article on visiting Leine’s? Really?

-Hell yes, Zombie Dust!

Great redesign and great beer coverage, keep it coming Tribune!

-Finally, some nice tips for hangover food.

-Sorry, a slow news day as I put this together late Sunday.

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