Suds: June 22

Happy Wednesday Suds readers. I just got back from the Madison Farmer’s Market, so dinner tonight is going to be awesome. Spinach, green onions, dill (way too much dill), it all looks so green. It makes me forget that we even had a winter.

I spent the weekend back in Chicago, my home and favorite city in the world. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how we commemorate the places we’ve lived in for what they offer us. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for the past five years, and it’s shown me the importance of being outside, of space, time, good friends and most importantly, great beer.

Here’s the love letter I hope to write about Wisconsin, but in comic book form, and for Chicago. Cities have people moving in and out of them all the time (see the Radiolab about it), it’s part of what make them breath. Lucy Knisley shows us the lives that people in Chicago live, not unlike Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland.

For Suds, grab a MwBC favorite, Half Acre’s Daisy Cutter. To good friends and good times!

-Speaking of Half Acre, their supply is not meeting demand. Expansion? I certainly hope so.

-Half Acre did add a fermentor, and had fun with the forklift.

Sour beer from Flossmoor Station.

-MN drinkers, do this, now: Rush River Brews and Kobe Beef Sliders at the Bulldog Northeast.

-Northern Brewer opening a store in St. Paul. Cheers to that! And cheers to experimentation.

-Cool review of a super-rare beer, Sam Adams Utopias 2011.

-Finally, small brewers get a voice in congress with the creation of the Small Brewers Caucus.

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