Brew for Thought: Lift Bridge Minnesota Tan

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes when the ice recedes and the mercury reaches a balmy 50 degrees, you’ll surely see another flurry of white: the sun-deprived arms of and legs of Minnesotans coming out of hibernation. And though life on the lake is every Minnesotan’s summer motto, we seem to develop a distinctive tan that follows the contours of the short-sleeved shirts and shorts that we love. Some people call it a farmer’s tan, but Lift Bridge Beer Co. likes to call it Minnesota Tan.

This strong Belgian Tripel, like a Scandinavian after 10 minutes in the sun, sports a pink hue from an infusion of lingonberries. The Belgian yeast comes through to give this ale a bright and spicy aroma, while the lingonberries offer a slight tartness. While I love a good tripel as a winter warmer, Minnesota Tan is quintessentially vernal and, like the art on the label, it certainly pairs nicely with a day spent on the deck of the boat.

Spending time by bodies of water is something that stretches well beyond the boundaries of Minnesota; in fact, it seems to be something entirely Midwestern. Whether you’re in Michigan, Wisconsin or Illinois we have a lake or a river where we gather together with friends and family, so make these figurative water-holes a bit more literal by tracking down a pack of Minnesota Tan.

Best Enjoyed: Cold, by the water or in a beer garden in full summer bloom.

Best Paired With: A slice of fresh watermelon and anything straight off the grill.

Where to Find: All over Minnesota and in certain Western Wisconsin locations.

For more information on Lift Bridge Beer Co. read our exclusive Interbrew with Brewer and CEO Dan Schwarz or visit their website.


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