Suds: June 24

Hey Suds readers, it’s Friday. I may be making a bike trip out to Ale Asylum today to enjoy some fresh Tripel Nova, depending on the weather (cross your fingers for me). Regardless, today’s a day for celebrating, and there’s no better way to do that than with fresh, free music from Daytrotter.

The Daytrotter Sessions are a series of recordings done at the Horseshack by bands passing through beautiful Rock Island, Illinois. Find something new everyday, and scan the archives for something you love. Currently, I’m grooving to the latest offering from The Books, which includes a spot-on version of “Free Translator” and a newer, more enlightening version of “Smells Like Content.” Other stand-outs are the latest Toro y Moi set, or this set from the Madison-based Icarus Himself (full Daytrotter archive here, and yes, they have Titus Andronicus).

So what to drink that’s as rock n’ roll as Daytrotter? How about the Dreadnaught from Three Floyds? Pure, hoppy rock n’ roll fury.

-Or some sour ale from Three Floyds will probably do the trick.

Half Acre follows up on the Chicagoist story we linked to the other day. Kudos to them, it’s not their fault that their beer is delicious and coveted across Chicagoland.

Blonde Fatale coming from Peace Tree Brewing. Great story behind it.

-MN drinkers, get ready for a Ayinger Beer Dinner at the Glockenspiel. German cuisine? Sign me up!

-Okay, politics are unavoidable here, especially in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Brewers Guild needs your help to protect microbrewers. More information on how to get directly involved at Beer Advocate.

-The Vintage and the Great Dane have stopped selling MillerCoors products, which is cool because they both make their own far more delicious beers at incredibly reasonable prices.

-Finally, drink George Washington’s beer.

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