Suds: June 27

Last weekend when I was home, my brother asked if I had any interest in watching any Modern Family. He’d bought the first season, and was making his way through it in his spare time. I watched a few episodes and generally enjoyed it. I had a huge problem with the show: I just wanted it to be more like Arrested Development.

I'm a monster!

Modern Family makes sense, though, from a network perspective. It has everything that made Arrested Development great (quirky, caricature-like characters, absurd yet almost-plausable plot lines, everything taken to the logical extreme), but it’s more viewer friendly. Arrested Development is wildly popular with people who have a very similar sense of humor to the show. While you may say there are dozens of us who identify, there are plenty more who think Arrested Development is nothing more than a collection of bad jokes.

On to the beer, grab a Surly CynicAle and let’s get to the Suds.

-MN drinkers! Now that I have your attention, awesome things are a brewin’. First, some news from Flat Earth. Second, a New Belgium beer dinner. Get on it.

-Cool experiments from Northern Brewer. Always count on them to push the envelope.

-Beer Here: Hopdinger from O’So. It’s oh so good (yikes, it’s a Monday, so give me a break).

New beer label from Mother‘s. Keep the good stuff coming!

Pipeworks in Chicago finds a home. Cheers to some new beers!

-Clown shoes? I save that one for the Blackhawks penalty kill, but apparently it’s also a beer and they are having tastings throughout the Illinois suburbs.

-Get ready for more Half Acre. Dripping Saison sounds delicious.

-Finally, this website is awful, but the idea of a bicycle/pub is incredible.

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