Suds: June 29

So we haven’t done a great job of ringing in the summer here at MwBC. Yeah, of course there are the constant allusions to the Terrace and sitting outside and drinking beer on the blog, but we’re well past the point of summer where people want to go outside and do things. I can’t really speak for the other states of the Midwest, but spending some quality time outdoors in Wisconsin is not a difficult thing to do.

Forget the Dells. This is Wisconsin.

Madisonians, hit up the Badger State Trail this weekend for a nice long bike ride. The path starts on the Isthmus and takes you to the Illinois border. You can even stop at New Glarus Brewery along the way! If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, follow the Ice Age Trail wherever it may take you, it traverses pretty much every landscape and major ecosystem in the state.

And to drink? Definitely an easy one. Central Water’s Glacial Trail IPA puts the whole Wisconsin experience in a bottle.

-Beer Here: Hatha-Weizen from Ale Asylum. I’ll take two, please.

-More reviews: New Glarus’ Old English Porter.

A brief recap of St. Paul Summer Beer Fest.

-More from MN, a quadruple beer release at Town Hall. QUADRUPLE BEER RELEASE!

-Well, this is certainly one way to buy beer.

-Nice write-up of the 1st Annual Summer Solstice Craft Beer Fest. Oh my do I love beer festivals.

-Finally, the American Society of Brewing Chemists announced their brewing chemist of the year!

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