Brew for Thought: Handy’s Lager from The Herkimer

I don’t own a ride mower, but I often think about the beer I would drink on it if I did. We do a lot of hemming and hawing here about beers with light, refreshing profiles that also have a lot of taste. In the wintertime, maltiness reigns supreme, but now it’s all about enjoying a few beers with a lot of flavor (if you aren’t holding a Krankshaft, get on that).

Enter the Herkimer Pub and Brewery, a mecca for tasty beers with more consumptive efficiency. From Kolsch, to Vienna lager, to a nice Czech pilsner, Herkimer specializes in balance, the beer attribute we rave about the most on the blog.

There’s something special about Handy’s Lager. Pouring a bold gold color, it hits every good beer note with little afterthought, or aftertaste. From the Herkimer, Handy’s Lager is “good beer, without all the fuss.” Sometimes, that’s all you need. After all, it is the Fourth of July weekend, and between grilling, and coordinating fireworks shows and roasting that pork shoulder (that’s my game plan), the last thing you want to worry about is beer.

Best enjoyed: At the Herkimer!

Best paired with: No brainer—pub food!

Find it: At the Herkimer in Minneapolis, the fourth best tourist destination in the world!

More information on the Herkimer on their website.

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