Suds: July 18

Honey, I’m home! Sorry for the delay in posting everyone. The baseball season has taken over my life and Anthony is getting set for the big move out East. We feel bad for letting things slip through the crack, but we’ll make it up to you. Let’s start with a new edition of Suds.

Since our last post, much has happened. Another congressman showed his johnson via Twitter, the US lost on penalty kicks to a disaster-ridden Japan and I had my first Ale Asylum Bedlam of the season. In the music world, Bon Iver released is second full-length album titled, “Bon Iver” to great reviews. Faced with the daunting task of following up his heart-rending ode, “For Emma, Forever Ago,” Justin Vernon’s genuine voice comes through and “Bon Iver” does not disappoint. So do yourself a favor and take a bike ride along the Capitol City Trail to Ale Asylum for a pitcher of Bedlam and listen to Bon Iver’s newest offering.   

Vine Park Brewery is holding a beer tasting tonight.

Belg-a-rama #8 is taking place tonight at the Blue Nile in Minneapolis.

– Get your tickets today for the 14th Annual Michigan Summer Beer Festival.

– While you’re at it, plan ahead and get your tickets for the 3rd Annual UP Beer Festival happening this September.

– Frustrating news from our friends at Lift Bridge Beer Company. Cold Springs hung them out to dry, but Lift Bridge gets to expand. Perhaps this beer bottle has a silver lining.

– Looking for a little summer vacation in August? Enter to win a trip to the 2011 Midwest Wine & Brew Festival

– Big ups to a great brewing family in New Glarus. Keep up the great work. Also, I made a point of jumping a cow statue while in Madison, thought of your beer.

– All of our readers from Illinois probably already know, but this is going to be an epic event.

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