Suds: July 20

I told you I’d be back. Even this 110 degree day in St. Paul couldn’t hold me back. What to do on a hot summer day like today? Why not visit you local (air-conditioned) art or history museum. If I could, I’d head over to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to check out the photography exhibit, “Exposed.” It deals in the ethical issues and the aesthetics of taking someone’s photo without their consent. After touring the museum, make your way to your favorite local pub and order your favorite summer brew like Summit’s Hefe Weizen.

Now for some Suds:

– Speaking of Summit, they will be celebrating their Silver Anniversary soon. Tickets go on sale Monday.

– Indianapolis’ renowned Sun King Brewing Co. has a handful of events coming up. Check it out here.

– Wisconsinites are upset with Scott Walker again. Can’t you do anything right, Scott? Eau Claire reacts in bold fashion.

– Another brewery in the Busch family? Just maybe…

– Interesting article about the state of females and femininity in the world of craft beer. She even quotes one of my heroes, Charlie Papazian.

Two Brothers are having a BBQ.

– The Best Small Brewpub in Illinois wants you!

Kansas’ largest brewery is expanding.

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