Brew For Thought: Great Waters New Centurian

Every beer has a history of its own, strung together with each season’s harvest and poured forth into empty pints. Each sip we take taps into a living fossil, a relic passed down through generations as a recipe, and connects us with bygone civilizations and those still thriving today. In a small way, it brings the dead to life and humanizes epic figures.


Such is Great Waters Brewery’s New Centurian, a dark cask ale gleaned from a 100-year-old beer style, whose name invokes a renaissance of the past. This beer exclusive to the downtown St. Paul brewpub is a session beer at its finest: dark and full of flavor, yet not heavy or alcoholic. The best part of the experience is the fact it is a cask ale, naturally fermented and carbonated, served at around 50 degrees enhancing the roasted malt aromas to their maximum potential.

Best Enjoyed: At the bar of Great Waters Brewing

Best Paired With: A walleye sandwich and fries.

Where to Find: At the Great Waters Brewing Co. in downtown St. Paul

For more information about Great Water Brewing, visit their website.



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2 responses to “Brew For Thought: Great Waters New Centurian

  1. Is New Centurion an example of a Mild or a Southern English Brown? I had one the other night and enjoyed it even more than I expected. I’m a (rookie) homebrewer and would love to try making something similar.

    • Brian Kaufenberg

      Great Waters describes it as a Dark Mild Ale. The style is defined by mild hop flavor and aroma, the low alcohol content, and the low carbonation. It’s an extremely sessionable beer as you may have experienced first hand. Check out this post from our friends at Northern Brewer on the basics for a Mild Ale. Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

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