Suds: July 22

Happy Friday everyone. The heat wave is breaking up here in the Twin Cities and it couldn’t have come at a better time because there are some amazing outdoor beer activities happening this weekend. But before we get into Suds, check out this TED talk from Kevin Slavin on how algorithms shape our lives. It really highlights how we have used mathematics to give us control, but also how control is never fully possible. So let go of the steering wheel a little and open a New Glarus Totally Naked.

New labels are out for New Belgium and for Central Waters.

– Say it isn’t so Russia. Beer can be a food if you want it to be, you just have to believe.

– A really nice article on the history of brewing in Madison, WI.

Midwest Homebrewing Supplies is tipping their caps to Twin Cities homebrewers.

– Hop on your bike and pedal over to St. Louis Park for a ride to Flat Earth Brewing Co. in St. Paul.

– If you want to bike around Minneapolis instead, join New Belgium Brewing for the Tour de Fat.

– Today opens the Michigan Summer Beer Festival. Get your tickets now!

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2 responses to “Suds: July 22

  1. Jeremy

    It’s funny to see you mention that TED talk here Brian, cause I actually just watched it over the weekend. Extremely fascinating!

  2. Brian Kaufenberg

    Agreed. I found his point that we’re writing code we don’t understand particularly frightening and enlightening. It’s almost a reiteration of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: the act of writing the code actually changes the variables and skews things out of our control.

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