Suds: July 27

So let’s keep celebrating the Land of Lincoln, shall we? I’ve spent the last few summers living in Wisconsin spending my Wednesday nights around the Capitol for concerts on the square. In my mind, there really isn’t anything better than a night of free music. Plus it’s BYOB. BYO anything, actually.

Last summer I spent a few weeks in Chicago and got to attend the Chicago equivalent, the Grant Park Festival of Music. I saw a wide range of acts, from the Grant Park Orchestra playing Bach and the great American composer, Aaron Copland, to seeing the Books perform in a venue far to big for their cut-and-paste ethos (it was still awesome).

Tonight is Wednesday, which means there will be some great music to see, whether it be on the majestic capitol lawn in Madison, or amidst the skyscrapers in Chicago’s Millennium Park. I suggest bringing along a local favorite, either a Flywheel from Metropolitan in Chicago, or some Bedlam to keep the summer rolling in Madison.

-Pizza Today named Piece Pizza the best independent pizza place in the United States. That’s #1 out of over 30,000 pizza joints surveyed.

-Sorry for the delay, but Half Acre released their latest saison, Captain Fantasy.

Some notes on MillerCoors and Capital Brewery. Read more about the Cap Brewery story here. The only MillerCoors news is that MillerCoors is discontinuing their alcoholic lemonade. I didn’t even know they had one.

-Beer here: Backyard Beer from Berghoff Brewery. I really like the photo.

Minneapolis Beer Fest. Get ready.

Upland Brewing is looking to expand. Great news for some great people who brew some great beer. Send more our way!

-Finally, I know it’s not beer related, but I bought a bottle of wine from the Illinois River Winery. If you’re ever in Utica, IL, stop in! They were unbelievably nice and happy to help pick out a wine (I seriously don’t know anything about wine).

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